Wellness Program
Person Centered Planning

PERSON CENTERED PLANNING supports members to reach whole health goals, increase independence, and achieve self-management of their health and wellbeing.

Keys to Success

  • Personal Log: Members will help to ensure success through the creation of a weekly action plan that requires the actions to be healthy and ones that can be engaged in multiple times/week, as well as a daily/weekly personal log. The personal log allows the member to track weekly actions in relation to the weekly action plan itself.
  • Peer Support: All members will receive 1:1 peer support and weekly peer support. Outside support is critical in the process. To help ensure that members are engaged in the process, peer leaders will connect with the member between meeting dates and during group meetings each member will select a peer to be their support person for the next week, working together toward recovery.
  • Overall Measure of Program Success: Members will be given a standardized self-report instrument that contains 6 health measures (physical, mental, social, general, perceived health and self-esteem), and four dysfunction measures (anxiety, depression, pain and disability) prior to starting the program and at the end of the program. Members will also be given a satisfaction survey at the end of the program as an opportunity for them to share their experiences and inform any needed program change.