Eligibility /


Eligible members will work with a team that includes: physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, peer navigators, pharmacists, nutritionists, substance abuse counselors and therapists to achieve their goals. They coordinate services and determine other needs such as transportation. Members receive continued support through an Alumni program. While any eligible member can benefit from the Assurance Health and Wellness program, it is best suited for members with physical health as well as mental health conditions.


When first enrolled to the Assurance Health and Wellness Center, a member will be assigned to work with a team of individuals in order to complete the initial assessment and to help create an individualized and multi-faceted health treatment plan. The team will assist the member in accessing all needed Assurance Health and Wellness services and will coordinate care with the member’s current primary care provider and other ART members. Members will work with a Navigator, all Certified Recovery Support Specialists, to set health goals based on needs and abilities identified as part of their assessment.

During orientation, each member will meet with a Navigator which will work with members to set health goals and ensure wellness plans address both behavioral and physical health needs. Members will meet with a medical assistant who will gather medical status information such as body mass index, blood pressure and other vital signs. Remeasurement at the end of the program will assist members in demonstrating gains achieved from the program. Alumni will talk with members to share information on benefits of the program and offer encouragement and support.

During the first week of their involvement with the Assurance Health & Wellness Center, members will be introduced to the overall curriculum, and will have the opportunity to enroll in the aspects of the program that best meet their needs. Members will meet with an on-site physician, an on-site physical trainer and a nutritionist prior to starting any wellness groups.