The Assurance Health & Wellness Center is supported with funding from Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care and is designed to combine primary medical care with behavioral health treatment. Members can receive physician supervised health services, diet and exercise programs, recovery services and peer support, healthy eating and nutrition education, tobacco cessation and stress management, health management and disease education along with health screenings and lab services.

Member care, called Person Centered Planning, is tailored to each person. Each person will have the opportunity to work with a team of individuals to develop their Integrated Individual Service Plan (IISP) and set goals. The team will consist of a BMHP (Behavioral Health Medical Provider; usually referring to a Psychiatrist), PCP (Primary Care Physician; your Primary Care Doctor), RN (Registered Nurse), MA (usually refers to a Masters of Arts; a Masters degree that can be awarded for Social Service programs, such as Counseling for a Therapist), Case Manager, Rehabilitation Specialist, Clinician and Peer Support Specialist/Navigator. The team is responsible for coordinating wellness with the member to incorporate integrated health and behavioral health programs. Each member will have an individualized treatment plan designed to benefit the whole person. Each member may also benefit from Wellness Services and may choose to participate in: fitness classes, nutrition classes, tobacco cessation classes and a variety of other health and wellness classes.

Care Coordination-Integration

The Health and Wellness program includes a specific focus on coordinating care with the Member, the BHMP and the member’s PCP. Our team is also prepared to participate in all Adult Recovery Team (ART) meetings, treatment planning, collaboration of care and progress reviews with other providers, family/or persons of support (identified by the member) participating in the member’s care. Health assessments will be shared, as will medication reviews. IISP’s and progress towards goals will be shared with parties involved for inclusion in the primary record. Outcome data will also be shared, such as pre and post testing, blood work, weight and health assessments.

Community Integration, Graduation and Alumni Support

The Health and Wellness program includes field trips such as shopping, museums, parks and the YMCA to help members establish a healthy and independent lifestyle. Members who finish the program receive a certificate of completion and may invite friends and family to celebrate at the graduation ceremony.

Support is available after members graduate. An Alumni support group meets weekly. Drop in refresher classes and alumni specific classes are offered daily.

Primary Care

Members will receive both behavioral health and physical health care on site. Every member will be assigned a Primary Care Physician and a team of providers designed to integrate care in order to treat the whole person.